How to choose the right furniture for your interior

Even if it is natural to dream in front of a designer sofa, and armchair with unpublished lines, a beautiful dining room table or trendy buffet, it turns out that in France, the purchase of new furniture does not just ‘to the desire of renewal.

According to an IPEA survey conducted for CACF-Sofinco, “Furniture: Generation mobility”, the real trigger for buying furniture in the French is the changes that punctuate life. Numbers 1 and 2 on the record of the click: the moves or the arrival of a child in the home. If you have trouble cracking for the sole reason of having fun, at least we start the renewal when the circumstances push us there. And there, everyone combines business with pleasure, necessity with pleasure.

Choosing a piece of furniture means entering the world of new trends, energizing your interior by giving it a facelift or, if you move, project your vision of an ideal decoration to the image of the new departure that we start. Between the attraction for furniture in the air of time, the desire for sustainability of a beautiful piece of furniture that is offered and the practical characteristics of furniture as equipment, how to choose the right furniture for its interior ?

Before buying, consider the custom furniture option

Beware of inflation and overload! Too much furniture clutters the space and can affect the decor and overall mood of the room. If you move into an apartment or a house that you own, first think of equipping your home with bespoke modules. The purchase of mobile furniture will then come according to your needs.

In a bedroom, consider equipping the headboard with built-in bedside tables and shelves to store evening novels. In a stay, consider an integrated library on the wall with, why not, a space for a TV that would replace a TV stand. In a living room, think of the partial walls that delimit two areas and can serve as a storage cabinet or bookcase. In a child’s room, consider built-in closets to de-clutter the room with open modules and others closed for flexibility and ergonomics.

Furniture adapted to your lifestyle

Choosing the right piece of furniture involves thinking about your needs and way of life. Do you like to receive? In this case, you will need armchairs and a sofa to comfortably seat in the living room as well as a large dining table for meals with friends. Do you have young children? In this case, pay attention to furniture on which children may be injured such as glass coffee tables or furniture with steel frame. Beware of messy fabrics too. Are you overgrown with objects? Do you have trouble tidying up? Prefer storage cabinets with doors to hide what you want to show and de-clutter the visual field of the room.

Furniture adapted to the size of the room

The proportions are crucial in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Adjust the choice of your furniture according to the size of your room. If you fall for a beautiful corner sofa but your living room is not big, the expected effect will not be at the rendezvous: your room will seem narrow; as for the sofa, it will not have the look it had in the store. Conversely, if your room is spacious, equip it with large furniture to give it a comfortable and comfortable air.

Attention to buying online! To avoid making mistakes on an item as important as the size of the furniture, it is better to see the furniture in a showroom to better apprehend. We can, if necessary, be advised on dimensions and possible alternatives. Some sellers are also designers of spaces. Check out the best modern furniture outlets around the world.

Furniture that promotes the flow

Remember to let your interior breathe and release the flow from one area to another. When it comes to furniture, it involves playing with empty spaces and full ones. Opt for not too bulky furniture, with light and graceful lines. Space your furniture to create fluidity and energy in the decor. A sofa with, opposite, two armchairs spaced apart from each other, will be more energizing than two sofas face to face.

Attention to the height of the furniture!

Unless you furnish a room very high ceiling, low furniture will tend to better suit the volume of a room. In a bedroom, a dresser will be more pleasant than a wardrobe: unlike a wardrobe, it will not devour the natural light of the room and offer, as a bonus, enough to exhibit some decorative objects. Be careful to maintain a consistent height between the furniture: a sleek modern sofa with clean lines will please in the environment of low furniture type low and long buffet. Know that the current collections are on your side since the trend is low furniture, including loft type interiors volumes extraordinary.

Evolutionary furniture for children’s rooms

We cannot imagine how fast a child grows up! Of course, nothing is more natural for a young parent than to melt for cute furniture in the colorful worlds of early childhood. As a young parent, we often have only one desire: to play the game of childhood and to feast on lively and playful atmospheres. Do not fight against your impulses, but prefer fantasy in accessories rather than furniture. Think about the age group that will follow and consider evolving furniture that will continue to please you and serve the needs of your child when he moves on to the next step.

Furniture with a guideline

Each piece of furniture has its particular charm, especially if it is of good quality. It is therefore natural to be seduced by the unique style of an armchair, the lines and material of an original buffet, or the extraordinary side of a coffee table made from construction pallets. The risk is to accumulate furniture that will annihilate each other by blurring the general sense of the decor. Even if one ventures to create an eclectic decoration, the best is to have in mind a guideline and a certain vision of the final rendering.